Imagine walking into a dealership and you see two cars of the same model parked side by side. At this point, we know nothing of its mechanical function, but we can clearly see that one is filthy and looks run down and the other is sparkling clean and visibly well maintained. Which one would you gravitate towards? The clean one, right? That’s because detailing your vehicle is key to boosting it’s resale value – and we know it’s not just about proper mechanical maintenance.

Keeping the appearance of the vehicle in above average condition – inside and out – is also just as important. Giving your car a deep cleaning at least 4 times a year is recommended. That would include vacuuming, shampooing carpets, cleaning and treating the interior leather as well as the dashboard and components. Cleaning the exterior regularly and applying paint protection and a protective wax at least once per season are also key factors in safeguarding one of your largest investments. By paying attention to the shine factor of your vehicle, you may also be adding a few extra dollars in your pocket when you resell.

Want to know more about detailing your car? No problem, Diamond Kote has you covered. Speak to a Diamond Kote authorized dealer for recommendations on how to make your vehicle sparkle.