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RV Pro Undercoating

Diamond Kote® RV Pro Undercoating

Seal the Unseen

DK RV Pro Undercoarting is a unique nature-resistant coating for the underside of your home on wheels. The undercarriage of an RV is not like any other vehicle on the road. There are multiple openings and access points for plumbing, wiring and various hoses that are not as secure from the various elements of nature as the remainder of the solid floor of your RV.

Diamond Kote® RV Pro Undercoating acts as both a sealant for these entry points and for the entire undercarriage of your RV providing durable intrusion protection from the elements including additional sound and temperature insulation from below.

Diamond Kote® has been protecting and preserving personal transportation vehicles for 50 years from cars to trucks to RV’s and boats.

Seal the unseen and protect your RV with Diamond Kote® RV Pro Undercoating. Ask your RV dealer how today.

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RV Pro Undercoating was last modified: October 24th, 2018 by DiamondKote
RV Pro Undercoating was last modified: October 24, 2018 by DiamondKote