Most bacteria can useful – even good for your body – but there are some bacteria that can be quite harmful to the human system. So, ponder this for a moment. What do you think has more bacteria resting on it’s surface – the toilet seat or the steering wheel? Consider these facts first before taking a crack at guessing. At least 42% of drivers regularly eat while driving in their cars, which means that most of those hands aren’t being washed before eating. While public toilets are usually regularly sanitized, only 33% of drivers clean the inside of their cars at least once a year and 10% HAVE NEVER cleaned their car interior. So, which do YOU think is dirtier? According to a study done at Queen Mary University in London, there are approximately 80 bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat. Gross, right? It certainly is, but not as gross the as the 700 potentially harmful bacteria that is sitting on your steering wheel. Quite a startling difference.

When you think about it, this could be part of the reason why we are sick so often. I don’t know about you, but I think this is some serious motivation to clean my car, inside and out.

We recommend using Diamond Kote Z-90 Multi-Purpose Solution sprayed on a clean cotton towel to clean and disinfect the steering wheel.  Wipe the steering wheel again with a clean water dampened cotton towel and let dry for 10 mins.