Auto theft is big business for organized crime. A vehicle is stolen in North America every 30 seconds. Protect your investment and personal belongings with the InvisiTrak theft deterrent and recovery products which are designed to discourage thieves from stealing your high-value assets and to get them back if stolen.

Our InvisiTrak Theft-Deterrent Solutions

Theft Deterrent

Our traceable marking solution actively protects a vehicle by marking traceable security codes onto major vehicle components.  If a vehicle is ever stolen it can be identified within our database and easily accessed by law-enforcement, making it too costly and risky for thieves.  Also installed are anti-theft window warning decals that act to deter thieves from entering a protected vehicle.

Diamond Kote offers an exclusive InvisiTrak theft deterrent program that will cover up to $7,600 in unforeseen expenses.

Our InvisiTrak Locate Theft Recovery Solution

Theft Recovery

The InvisiTrak Locate theft recovery device1 is designed to keep you connected with your inventory and protect you from lot theft, because a lost or stolen asset means lost business and added cost to you. This product can be redlined and sold directly to your customer out of the Finance Office. InvisiTrak Locate can be transferred from one asset on your lot to another. Up to $7,600 in added warranty benefits2 if an asset is stolen.

1 Hardware device is powered and supported by KYCS Global Inc.
2 Please refer to the terms and conditions for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Warranty is not available in British Columbia.

Warranty Benefits*

  • The actual cash value of your vehicle up to a $5,000 replacement allowance
  • Up to $1,000 if the vehicle is stolen and recovered, but not damaged to the extent that it is a total loss
  • A car rental allowance of up to $600
  • Stranded traveler allowance of up to $400 for meals and accommodation, if theft occurs 160 km or more from home
  • Airfare reimbursement up to $600 if theft occurs 800 km or more from home


*Please refer to the terms and conditions for complete details of coverage and exclusions. Warranty is not available in British Columbia.

InvisiTrak Locate Features

  • Range Finder: InvisiTrak Locate is the first solution of its kind to function from inside a shipping container.
  • 24/7 Real time support: With worldwide tracking capabilities and working with our partners KYCS Global Inc. and, we provide consumers with the most effective vehicle recovery solution on the market.
  • No wires which means vehicles can be discreetly protected​
  • Locate is powered off approximately 99% of the day and nearly impossible to detect​
  • Powers on once a day to record its location then powers off without transmitting any signals until the next scheduled check-in time
  • Up to 5-year battery life – online battery-level monitor – replaceable battery​
  • Tamper-proof alert + removal alarm​
  • Vehicle Insurance discount may apply

If you are interested in how InvisiTrak Locate can maximize lot efficiencies and deter theft, download our sales sheet.

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