RV Protection

It’s more than a Recreational Vehicle. It’s a home away from home. It’s the most comfortable vehicle you own and it’s the backdrop for a lot of great memories. Naturally, you want to keep your RV looking its best for many years and vacations to come. That’s where Diamond Kote comes in. We have over 50 years experience keeping RVs protected form the dangers of the road.


illustration of rv mobile camper

Exterior Protection

You’ve travelled far and wide in your RV. You’ve seen a lot of things along the way and so has your RV. Rain, sun, sudden cold snaps - it all takes its toll. Help keep it safe from the elements with the right protection.

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illustration of two interior vehicle bucket seats

Interior Protection

Hours of travel and plenty of great nights are spent inside your RV. Little accidents are inevitable. But don’t worry, we’re here to help keep everything looking like new.

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illustration of shield with snowflake and raindrop

Rust & Corrosion Protection

They can start forming the moment you drive your RV home: rust and corrosion. But with Diamond Kote’s advanced technology, we can help keep your RV looking glossy and new.

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illustration of stack of tires

Tire & Rim

You love hitting the open road. Unfortunately, the road doesn’t always love you back. Especially your RVs tires. Make sure your wheels stay protected against any unforeseen road hazards.

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illustration thief with crowbar approaching car

Anti-theft Protection

An average a vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes. Insurance companies will only cover the value of your vehicle at the time it's stolen. Cover the costs associated with replacing your vehicle.

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