Our NanoCrystal Paint Sealant brightens and shines your vehicle’s exterior paint, making even new cars look more vibrant. Our paint sealant also protects your vehicle from oxidation, loss of gloss and fading. So there's no need to wax your car... ever.


Appearance Protection

Your vehicle is almost always at the mercy of the elements, so make sure it can take whatever Mother Nature throws at it. With our Exterior Protection, your car is covered when it comes to acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss. Our Advanced NanoCrystal Paint Protection keeps your vehicle looking as good as the day you took it home.

Paint Shield Nano

Diamond Kote delivers a whole new level of paint defence. Advanced NanoCrystal Paint Protection creates a hard-working barrier that protects against the destructive elements your vehicle faces daily. So your paint will look brilliant even in the face of acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss. That’s some superhero-quality protection. This includes a two-stage application using bottles included labeled “A” and “B”.

Plan Features

  • Take advantage of Diamond Kote’s 10-year guarantee.
  • The most advanced sacrificial barrier between your vehicle’s dedicated painted finish and severe elements.

Plan Benefits

  • Preserves the quality and appearance of your vehicle’s exterior.
  • Enjoy worry-free, easy maintenance.
  • Preserve the resell value of your vehicle.

DK Add on

Rip, Tear, Burn

Now that you know the outside of your vehicle is protected, make sure the inside looks just as good. Minor rips, tears and burns on upholstered seats don’t just look bad, they’re bad for resale. We want you to be focused on the road, not what’s going on inside your vehicle, so let us take care of any extra uh-ohs.

Exterior Protection Reviews

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