NanoCeramic Gloss and Matte Paint Coatings



Our NanoCeramic products are a clear, two-part liquid nanoceramic coating that will chemically bond to your vehicle’s surface becoming a rigid super-structure of nanoglass. Any minor imperfections can be removed by hand with a light polish performed by your dealer without compromising the integrity of the factory paint finish.


Appearance Protection

Your vehicle is almost always at the mercy of the elements, so make sure it can take whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Plan Features

Take advantage of Diamond Kote NanoCeramic’s 10-year guarantee, providing you with indefinite protection and a one-time application.

Plan Benefits

Preserve the original factory paint 

  • NanoCeramic, once cured, has a hardness above 9H and its normal clear coat has a hardness of between 2H and 4H.  Its glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clear-coat.  Any scratches to the coating can be easily removed with light polishing without compromising the integrity of the original clear coat.   

Less Maintenance 

  • NanoCeramic’s smooth surface means brake dust and tar won’t stick to your car’s paint, wheels or glass. Your vehicle will need fewer washes and less waxing. 

Your vehicle looks like new 

  • You’ll notice improved gloss and colour depth right away, and when properly maintained, your vehicle’s finish will shine for years. No other product compares. 

DK Add on

Rip, Tear, Burn

Now that you know the outside of your vehicle is protected, make sure the inside looks just as good. Minor rips, tears and burns on upholstered seats don’t just look bad, they’re bad for resale. We want you to be focused on the road, not what’s going on inside your vehicle, so let us take care of any extra uh-ohs.

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