Incident Protection



Imagine never having to worry about dents, windsheild damage, rips or burns on or in your vehicle, and key fob replacement again. With Incident Protection, you never will. You’ll enjoy years of protection against damages that aren’t covered by your insurance company, keeping your car looking as good as new for longer.


Incident Protection

Take the ‘unfortunate’ out of unfortunate incidents. We protect your vehicle against dents and dings and keep the windshield chip free. And if your key fob goes missing or is broken, we’ll replace it. And you’ll also be protected against any unsightly rips, tears or burns. Basically, your vehicle is covered inside and out.

Plan Features

  • Minor dents and dings up to 2″ in diameter will be repairable by Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process.
  • Minor windshield cracks and chips of up to 2″ are repaired every time, or up to $500 will be paid towards your insurance deductible for a new windshield.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged key fob will be replaced at your local dealer (up to $900/year).
  • Take advantage of repairs made to your interior seats due to rips, tears and burns (up to $300 per occurrence).

Plan Benefits

  • Help maintain your vehicle value by keeping it free of dents.
  • Repairs are completed quickly and conveniently in about the same amount it takes to get an oil change.
  • Repair chips and cracks on your windshield.
  • If your windshield can’t be repaired, we will pay $500 toward the cost of your repair with your proof-of-claim.
  • No need for you to contact your insurance carrier to file a claim and potentially increase your insurance rates.
  • Zero out-of-pocket expense for you.
  • Repairs and replacements are completed by skilled technicians.

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