You’re not a casual driver, you’re a road warrior. So keep all of the little things you love about your vehicle safe with the most comprehensive road protection we offer. Our Road Hazard Protection covers common costs like paint chipping and surface dents on the exterior of your vehicle, as well as interior damage to the upholstery or carpeting.


Road Protection

This is the gold standard of Diamond Kote Protection. It delivers the most worry-free protection possible when unexpected incidents occur. Tire & Rim Protection plus Incident Protection mean your vehicle is cover inside and out throughout North America. Best of all, you’ll pay no deductible for protection.

Plan Features

  • You’re covered throughout North America.
  • No deductibles.
  • Your plan can be fully-transferred in the event you choose to sell your vehicle. Simply apply to transfer the coverage to the next owner for the remainder of the Policy/Contract term.
  • You choose your coverage: 3, 4 and 5 year coverage plans are available.

Plan Benefits

  • Enjoy worry-free protection you can trust whenever and wherever unexpected incidents occur.
  • You’re covered throughout North America and you’ll pay no deductible for Tire & Rim, Dent & Ding, Windshield, Key/ Remote Replacement and Rip, Tear & Burn protection.

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