Your marine vessel faces an entirely different set of elements than your vehicle, so make sure you’re protected. Diamond Kote delivers a whole new level of paint defence thanks to our unique Aqua Kote Formula. It creates a hard-working barrier that protects against the punishing environment your boat faces on and off the water.


Appearance Protection

Let us help keep your boat looking beautiful. With Diamond Kote protection, the treated exterior painted or gel coated surfaces of your boat are covered. That means anything above the water line and/or the boot stripe, and anything below the toe rail are protected from fading, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap.

Diamond Kote Aqua-Kote

Diamond Kote Aqua-Kote is a one step cleaner and protectant that removes fresh and salt water marine build up, leaving a long lasting, high gloss shine. Protects gel coats, fibreglass and aluminum surfaces against prolonged exposure to sun and salt air.

Plan Features

  • You’re guaranteed 6 years of coverage.
  • Your coverage includes polish and painting of all covered, damaged areas.

Plan Benefits

  • Your maintenance will be worry-free and easy.
  • We’ll help keep your boat looking like new which can help preserve its resale value.

DK Add on

Rip, Tear, Burn

Accidental rips, tears or burns on your interior seating surfaces can be costly, not to mention unsightly. With the Diamond Kote Rip, Tear & Burn Protection warranty, you are fully covered. You pay absolutely no deductible, and we take care of the repair and the costs for you. So feel free to enjoy another amazing ride, without any additional stress.

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