Ceramic One-Coat for RV



A unique one-step application process providing a true ceramic coating solution that was designed to be easy to apply on large surfaces.


Appearance Protection

Travel happy knowing your vehicle’s exterior panels, including hood, side, roof and rear panels, are all covered. Explore the world year after year knowing your RV’s shine is protected from the perils of the open road including UV rays, tree saps, road tar and the occasional bird droppings.

Ceramic One Coat

Diamond Kote Ceramic One Coat for RV was designed to be easy to apply on large surfaces. While providing the durability and shine that is synonymous with ceramic coating. This innovative RV Ceramic coating is a single step sprayable ceramic product that will help maintain the showroom look of your RV wash after wash, year after year.

Our formula creates a chemical bond to the painted surface of your RV protecting your investment from environmental hazards and creating a surface that helps repel dirt, dust, and other environmental debris.

Compared to other spray on RV coatings, this is a full Ceramic 9H coating and not a hybrid water-based coating that can be rinsed off. Once cured, it will provide the ultimate protection for your RV.

Plan Features

  • If any body panels require polish or repainting, you’re covered.
  • Your coverage comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Plan Benefits

  • Enjoy easy, worry-free maintenance.
  • The quality and appearance of your recreational vehicle’s exterior is safe with us.

DK Add on

Rip, Tear, Burn

Your RV was made to be enjoyed, but accidental rips, tears or burns on your interior seating surfaces can be costly, not to mention unsightly. With the Diamond Kote Rip, Tear & Burn Protection warranty, you’re fully covered. You pay absolutely no deductible, and we’ll take care of the repair and the costs for you.

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