Up until this point in time, e-corrosion protection devices were installed under the hood of the vehicle and “hard-wired” into the raw power of the car’s battery. This required a certified automotive technician to install the unit properly and safely. These conventional devices were constantly exposed to the elements and in some cases, physical interference. The groundbreaking new DK Wireless C.P.U. functions using the same science and electronic control of the flow of free electrons in the vehicle’s body, but without the installation headaches, or exposure to the elements.

How does it work?

When the reactive, wireless unit plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDii Port, it immediately connects to the vehicle’s computer brain and electrical system. It safely utilizes the vehicle’s power system to deliver electronically controlled low voltage to the entire metal structure of the vehicle. The unit monitors the flow of free electrons in the metal and provides the right amount of current to stabilize the electrochemical corrosion process. The first of its kind, the new DK Wireless C.P.U. eliminates the need for ugly wires and cuts installation time down to mere seconds – with no need for a certified mechanical technician to install the unit.

Advantages for Dealers

  • The most accurate corrosion diagnostic and protection technology available
  • Simple installation, completely eliminates wiring
  • Faster installation, shaves an hour or more off installation time
  • Actually identifies weak spots in the vehicle’s body, providing advanced protection

Advantages for Consumers

  • Protects their investment
  • Plugs directly into the vehicle’s diagnostic system
  • Discreet, professional appearance and cutting-edge technology
  • Low battery alert technology ensures no excessive battery drain by the C.P.U.
  • Helps protect the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle

Crafted with components from the world’s most respected electronics manufacturers, the groundbreaking new Diamond Kote Wireless C.P.U. is truly an automotive technology breakthrough.


Diamond Kote was established in 1968 and works with more than 1100 dealers coast to coast. Our quality products and services protect more than 9 million vehicles on the road today, and have earned us partnerships with 4 major automotive manufacturers and the largest specialty automotive underwriter in Canada. With easy online registration, claims, and payments, protecting your vehicle couldn’t be simpler or faster. For more information, visit www.diamondkote.com.

The DK Wireless Corrosion Protection Unit is available exclusively in Canada through IA-SAL & IA-VAG, divisions of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., and Canada’s most comprehensive providers of aftermarket insurance and protection programs.