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Rust & Corrosion Protection

How this plan helps you?

Before you even turn the key for the first time, the metal used to manufacture your new car or truck has started transforming - has started to set in. It happens when metal, oxygen and water combine to create an electrochemical reaction. If you remove or control one of the three elements in that simple rust formula, you can prevent corrosion. And that’s exactly what Diamond Kote’s Rust & Corrosion Protection does.

Rust & Corrosion Protection


Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing every panel on your vehicle covered by Diamond Kote is protected and will be repaired should any unexpected damage occur. We offer full body panel corrosion protection, undercarriage corrosion protection and surface rust protection to keep your vehicle looking new.

Plan details


The new Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection Unit (CPU) is a revolutionary wireless automotive corrosion protection device that uses the vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system to protect your investment. The CPU detects and protects all weak spots on every metal component of a vehicle’s metal body – outside and in – so nothing gets missed. Everything is monitored so everything stays protected.

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The DK9000 Module sends a positively charged, low voltage current throughout the metal of your vehicle to cancel the negative free-electrons, which are naturally present and continually causing rust. Then the module’s sacrificial anodes, which possess a naturally higher positive charge than your vehicle’s body, deal with any corrosion before it starts to set in.

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Liquid Corrosion Protection

Diamond Kote’s Liquid Corrosion Barrier Compounds are engineered to exceed the highest automotive corrosion resistance standards in the world. Our resilient rust protection formula shields the areas of your vehicle where rust can take hold. They keep air and water out and stop rust before it starts.

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Sound Shield Undercoating

Diamond Kote’s premium Vulcanized Sound Shield Undercoating is rust preventative by design. It’s a durable, rubberized coating that not only insulates your vehicle from the elements, but also blocks excessive road and engine noise.

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Plan Features

  • If any of your vehicle’s body panels need to be polished or re-painted, you’re covered.
  • 10 years guaranteed.

Plan Benefits

  • Every body panel of your steel or aluminum vehicle is protected, which means the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle is always being safeguarded.
  • You’re protected against automatic car wash chemicals, spot weld, road salt, sand, moisture and humidity.

Add On

Image Guard

Image Guard Pro is a fully insured warranty and the best aesthetic surface corrosion coverage available. For your first five years of ownership, this additional warranty will pay for up to two repairs of surface perforation or blistering of 2cm or more on the exterior painted panels of your vehicle.

The Diamond Kote Combo

Surface Perforation Protection and Image Guard Protection are now available as the ultimate, combo package, exclusively offered to Diamond Kote customers. And as an added bonus, our combo package extends the manufacturer’s Sheet Metal Corrosion Warranty on your new vehicle.

Surface Perforation

Surface Perforation Protection provides additional coverage against metal perforation, even when it’s caused by a stone chip or a scratch. Our coverage is a fully insured warranty that protects your vehicle and its value.

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