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According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, on average a vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes and generally insurance companies will only cover the value of your vehicle at the time it’s stolen; leaving you financially responsible for all costs associated with replacing your vehicle.

Our InvisiTrak Theft-Deterrent Solutions


Our traceable marking solution actively protects a vehicle by marking traceable security codes onto major vehicle components.  If a vehicle is ever stolen it can be identified within our database and easily accessed by law-enforcement, making it too costly and risky for thieves.  Also installed are anti-theft window warning decals that act to deter thieves from entering a protected vehicle.

Diamond Kote offers an exclusive InvisiTrak theft deterrent program that will cover up to $7,500 in unforeseen expenses.

InvisiTrak Warrants

  • The actual cash value of your vehicle up to a $5,000 replacement allowance
  • Up to $1,000 if the vehicle is stolen and recovered, but not damaged to the extent that it is a total loss
  • A car rental allowance of up to $600
  • Stranded traveler allowance of up to $400 for meals and accommodation, if theft occurs 160 km or more from home
  • Airfare reimbursement up to $600 if theft occurs 800 km or more from home

Our KYCS Locate Theft- Recovery System


With consumer vehicle theft on the rise and thieves more sophisticated than ever before.  Locate is ideal for RVs, cars, boats, motorcycles, heavy-equipment and other high value assets. Locate has no monthly subscription fees. The self-powered device’s battery lasts up to five years and can be quickly transferred from one asset to another. As a truly covert solution, there is no wiring, and the device can be installed in seconds.

KYCS Locate Features

  • No Monthly Tracking Fees – includes 4 years of theft location service​
  • No wires which means vehicles can be discreetly protected​
  • Locate is powered off approximately 99% of the day and nearly impossible to detect​
  • Powers on once a day to record its location then powers off without transmitting any signals until the next scheduled check-in time
  • Proprietary firmware and components allow for extended battery life
  • Up to 5-year battery life – online battery-level monitor – replaceable battery​
  • Weatherproof industrial housing​
  • Tamper-proof alert + removal alarm​
  • Coverage where cellular service is available​
  • Vehicle Insurance discount may apply

KYCS Online Platform Features

If an asset is stolen or goes missing, KYCS’ recovery team can remotely program the device to actively track the assets and enact theft recovery through it’s partnership with Crime Stoppers.

The KYCS’​ mobile app platforms enable individual to more manage their vehicle and recovery through the KYCS Locate App.

  • Historical and track reports
  • Replay route feature
  • Battery level indicator and standby days available
  • Status health check and temperature reading
  • Speed and direction

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