Dealer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start a claim?

Please submit a claim online at It is a four step process during which you will fill out the claim form, provide the description of the damage/loss and attach any relevant documents. If you are having difficulty with the online portal, please e-mail the submission directly to

I filed a claim but haven’t received any response yet?

If your claim was submitted online or by email, you should have received an automated email response with a tracking number in the subject line – this means your request was received. Please allow up two business days for a response. If you did not receive an automated email response, your email may not have been received and we suggest you submit the claim again online, by e-mail, or over the phone at 1-800-663-1708. To inquire about your claim, please include your Diamond Kote warranty# and VIN#.

Why was my claim denied?

A claims agent should have sent out an email detailing why the claim was denied. If you have the email, you can respond and request for additional information. If you did not receive the email you can call 1-800-663-1708 or, for 24-48 hour responses, send an e-mail to (a DK warranty # and/or customer name & VIN # will be required).

My address changed, how do I make sure that the change is made to my warranty?

Please send your name, warranty number, VIN#, and your complete new address to

How do I cancel my Diamond Kote Warranty?

As warranties are sold by dealers and not Diamond Kote, any inquiries regarding the cancellation of your Diamond Kote warranty should be discussed with your selling dealer.

Is my warranty still valid? / Does my warranty expire?

Please refer to your Diamond Kote warranty package for a detailed explanation of exclusions, limitations, coverages and activation date. If you require additional information please email your question(s) to and include your DK warranty number.

I sold/bought a car with a Diamond Kote warranty on it, can I have the warranty transferred?

Most DK warranties are transferable within thirty (30) days of sale to one (1) consecutive owner/ lessee. However, since there are exceptions, we cannot confirm whether a transfer is possible for your particular warranty.

If you would like to have a transfer request reviewed, please email and include your DK warranty #. If approved, you will have to fill out a transfer request form to proceed. Please note all transfers are subject to a $50 transfer fee where applicable under provincial law.


When do we receive Diamond Kote invoices?

Diamond Kote will invoice dealers directly for all Protection Plans submitted online on a monthly basis. Diamond Kote (a subsidiary of the Walker Group, a BC Corporation with a BC billing address) will mail a email a statement with applicable taxes based on the dealer’s billing address within 5th– 10th day of the following month. We welcome dealers to view their statements directly online following the 10th day of each month.

Payment terms are net 30 days and payable to:

Diamond Kote
Suite 300-1455 Bellevue Ave
West Vancouver, BC
V7T 1C3

Point of Sale

How do Dealerships order Point Of Sale (POS) material?

All POS material can be ordered directly through the Diamond Kote office at 1-800-571-8923.

Protection Plan Information

Can my protection plan be transferred?

Yes, absolutely.

Can you tell me what “Current plus two model years old or newer” means?

“Current” represents the current calendar year.

“Plus two model years old” represents the previous two calendar years.

“Or Newer” represents a new model dated for the next calendar year.

For example, Current (this year) plus 2 model years old (last two years) or newer (next year).

Do Dealerships have to price at MSRP?

No, dealerships may sell for less.

How do I know what coverage the customer has purchased?

From Dealer Resources, DKOR, select ‘Search’. Enter the client’s search criteria and click ‘Search’. Locate the client’s information. The customer’s purchased coverage will appear under the heading ‘Coverage’.